Web page to search group policy’s from Microsoft

So.. have you ever tried to find the registry setting for a specific group policy setting, or just tried to actually find the group policy setting you needed and couldn’t quite remember where it was?

Under MSDN Microsoft has launched a new site called http://gps.cloudapp.net this site is awesome! The site will allow you to search for group policy settings, filter by Internet Explorer version, office version and others and browse by registry or by policy.

But this tool makes it much easier to find the right settings and apply them either with registry hacks or policy objects.

This is a quick example of a search on hide drives which is pretty commonly used but still..


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Writing Custom ADM Files for System Policy Editor

This article is a guide for writing custom ADM files for use with System Policy Editor. System Policy Editor’s interface, comprised of all of the books, check boxes, and text boxes you see when you open a computer or user of group policy, is created with a template. The system policy template, or ADM file, is a simple program that instructs System Policy Editor what books, check boxes, and other input controls to present to the administrator.

For more information about writing an ADM file for group policy, see the white paper ("Implementing Registry-Based Group Policy") at the following Microsoft Web site:http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windowsserver/2000/bb735344.aspx

Read more: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/225087

Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 Tips and Tweaks – GPO ADM Template

Source : http://www.dabcc.com/article.aspx?id=2756

If you are looking for Citrix tips, tweaks, performance tuning, security, and usability ‘tweaks & tips’ for your Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 4.0 servers, then look no further. Methodology in a Box 4.0 ‘Tweaks Section’ details tips and tricks associated with Citrix and Terminal Services computing.

In this Citrix MetaFrame Group Policy template (GPO) you will find tips, tricks and tweaks related to:

  • Applications tweaks
  • Adobe
  • Internet Explorer
  • Java
  • Office 2003
  • Outlook Express
  • Disk subsystem
  • Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server specific tweaks
  • Memory tweaks
  • Network tweaks
  • Printing tweaks
  • Security tweaks
  • Windows tweaks

Thanks for Victor Olsen for contributing a few fixes to this Citrix / Terminal Services GPO and to Paul Drangeid from TeleData Consulting, Inc. for creating and testing this template based off the MIAB 4.0 How to Tweaks and Tune Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 4.0 Section section.

To download the Citrix / Terminal Services Tips, Tips and Tweaks ADM Template please refer to the following page:

MIAB 4.0 for Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 Tips and Tweaks ADM Template

This release also marks the first release of the new Methodology in a Box Service. What is this Service’? Good question, when I first created MIAB, I released it as a draft for two reasons, 1) get the info out and 2) to get feedback. Since then Methodology in a Box has become much bigger than the sum of its parts, it’s received over a half million downloads and has become an integral part of any Citrix deployment. I have received feedback from all over the world and together we made it a must read for anyone deploying Citrix MetaFrame. Because of this success, I had an idea over three years ago that we just now have the resources and time to make happen. Let me try to explain.

I was sitting watching a TV Show about the Internet and on TCP/IP. It talked about how IP has grown through a serious of RFC’s to become to de facto protocol that we all depend upon to move data around the Internet. What is an RFC? Basically it is process for creating a standard on the Internet. New standards are proposed and published on the Internet, as a Request for Comments. The proposal is reviewed by the Internet Engineering Task Force and once approved it is made the standard. I thought to myself, why can’t we do this for the Server based computing world? Why can’t MIAB and DABCC provide this service? Well, Methodology in a Box is designed to be just that. The new Methodology in a Box is this service and the new Tweaks Section is our first attempt to make this happen, but we are not stopping there.

This being said, what we have done is created a basic document, a proposed series of RFCs, and a forum where we can all debate each tweak (RFC) and where you can submit new ones. If the community agrees then it will be certified as an official tweak. This is the new process we will use for all of the content found in Methodology in a Box, from how to install Citrix, to how to lock down your system through GPOs and other resources, to how to customize Citrix Web Interface. As always, I feel that by doing this, we can continue what we started in May of 2002 and that is to build the Citrix Deployment Bible, and we are already off to a great start!!!

Download ‘How to Tweaks and Tune Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 4.0 Section’ Beta 4 White Paper – PDF Format

Download ‘How to Tweaks and Tune Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 4.0 Section’ Beta 4 White Paper – ZIP Format