System Center Service Manager Roadmap

Anders Bengtsson: Yesterday I attend at Michael Nappi session “System Center Service Manager Product Overview”. During this the roadmap of Service Manager was shown.

* 2008 H2, Beta 1 (early December or end of November, will not include the self-service IT portal)
* 2009 H1, Beta 2 (summer 2009, will include the self-service IT portal and will also be feature complete)
* 2009 H2, RC
* 2010 H1, RTM

We at Techlog reported earlier on the roadmap of Service Manager :

* Beta 1 Refresh at the end of 2008 calender year;
* Beta 2 Milestone — which will be feature complete — at the end of second quarter of 2009;
* RC Milestone end third or beginning fourth quarter of 2009;
* RTM at the first half of 2010 or sooner.

Seems like MS is still on schedule with System Center Service Manager.

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