Running VSphere client on Windows 7

After the installation you wont get the vsphere client working on Windows 7, it installed fine but when I try and login to an esx server,you get an error:

Error Parsing the server “” “clients.xml” file Login will continue contact your system administrator

Clicking ok gives another error

The type initializer for “VirtualInfrastrcture.Utils.HttpWebRequestProxy” threw an exception

Clicking ok returns to the login dialogue.

UPDATE: Good News – This issue has now been resolved in VMware ESX/ESXi 4.0 Update 1 (U1).

So here is the solution;

Here’s a possible workaround for this problem.

1. Obtain a copy of  System.dll from the link above.

2. Create a folder in the Windows 7 machine where the vSphere client is installed and copy the file from step 1 into this folder. For example, create the folder under the vSphere client launcher installation directory (+%ProgramFiles%\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtual Infrastructure Client\Launcher\Lib +).

3. In the vSphere client launcher directory, open the VpxClient.exe.config file in a text editor and add a <runtime> element and a <developmentMode> element as shown below. Save the file.

<developmentMode developerInstallation=”true”/>


3. Create a new ‘System’ variable called ‘DEVPATH’ and assign the following variable value:

C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtual Infrastructure Client\Launcher\Lib


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