Office 2003 Citrix and Terminal Services problems

Configuring Office settings for all users of a Terminal Server is best done with Group Policies. Download the Office 2003 Resource Kit and the latest Office 2003 SP2 Administrative templates. Be sure to read the installation instructions.

Deploying Office 2003 in a Windows Terminal Services Environment

828955 – How to install Office 2003 or Office XP on a computer that is running Windows Terminal Server

308263 – How to create a Custom Maintenance Wizard file for updating installation options after you deploy a custom installation of Office

827708 – During a Windows 2000 Terminal Services session, the Office 2003 Setup program stops responding

911682 – Windows Installer-related event IDs are logged in the Application log when you start an Office program

823586 – How to turn off the speech recognition and the handwriting recognition features in Office 2003

899117 – User settings issues are not resolved when you reinstall or repair Office programs on a computer that is running Terminal Services – Office 2003, XP and 2000

885380 – Every other time that you open a document in Word, the document opens in recovery mode or you receive an error message

891298 – When you try to open or to save a file in an Office XP program that is running in a Terminal Server session, the Office XP program may unexpectedly quit

821257 – “Not Enough Memory” Error Message When You Search for Clips in an Office Document During a Terminal Services Session – Office 2003 and XP, pre-SP5 hotfix

282599 – Frequently asked questions about Ctfmon.exe

287039 – Cannot Start a Trial Version of Office XP or Office 2003 on Terminal Server

828956 – Running Multiple Versions of Microsoft Office with Office 2003

931946 – The “From Camera or Scanner” menu option is unavailable in Office XP and Office 2003 programs during a terminal server session

Registration information Office incorrect

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Common\UserInfo Change the 11.0 to whatever version your office is 9.0 or 10.0 I forget. Delete that from the current user profile.  Then go to HKLM\software\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\terminal server\install\software\microsoft\office\11.0\common\userinfo and see if the setting is there as well and delete that.  that portion is the shadow key and is why it’s being distributed to everyone.

Word specific issues

917056 – Text is slow to appear or to disappear when you type or delete text in a table when you are using Word 2003 on a Terminal Server client – fixed in Word 2003 post-Service Pack 2 Hotfix

Excel specific issues

916592 – Error message when you try to reactivate (switch to) a terminal services session in which Excel is running: “Not enough system resources to display completely”

313683 – XL2002: Can See Other Users’ Printers in Terminal Server Session

Misc. Office 2003 / XP / 2002 issues

922688 – Picture Manager does not start when you double-click a file on a computer that is running Terminal Services

898470 – OneNote 2003 appears pixilated when you run OneNote 2003 in a Terminal Server client

944630 – You cannot move, close, or hide the Live Meeting 2005 sharing toolbar when you connect to a Live Meeting 2005 session in a Citrix MetaFrame-based environment


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