Microsoft Service Manager and First Screenshots!

Travis Wright and Michael Nappi, both from the Service Manager product team, gave a breakout session on Service Manager on the annual Microsoft Management Summit. They updated the audience with the new roadmap and spook about what is going on with the development. In a nutshell, they told the audience, they took the feedback from the original beta 1 release and re-architected the product from the ground up to deliver a high quality v1 product. These are the major changes:

  • No more mandatory Sharepoint and Infopath needed;
  • Underlying technology used from Operations Manager (warehouse, SDK, etc);
  • Self-service portal runs as a dedicated ASP.NET website, but can leverage Sharepoint;
  • .. check out the other major changes in the screenshot below..
  • Here are the first screenshots from this (NEW) build with again thanks to

    During the breakout session on Service Manager, at the Microsoft Management Summit, Michael Nappi — who is the Product Unit Manager for Service Manager — updated the audience with the roadmap for releasing Service Manager.

    Service Manager Roadmap

    The delay in the release dates have been due to the fact that the Service Manager team learned from the previous Beta 1 release and took drastic decisions to deliver a high quality v1 product. While the product team has a more aggressive internal schedule, these are the publicly communicated delivery dates:

  • Beta 1 Refresh at the end of 2008 calender year;
  • Beta 2 Milestone — which will be feature complete — at the end of second quarter of 2009;
  • RC Milestone end third or beginning fourth quarter of 2009;
  • RTM at the first half of 2010 or sooner.
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