Manage your VMware environment from your Iphone

Want to manage your VMware virtual environment on the go? Now there’s an app for that! VManage is an application developed to allow the IT administrator to view critical environment data about their virtual infrastructure as well as perform fundamental tasks such as VMotion’ing from anywhere at any time. Viewing basic performance data (more advanced data to come) is as easy as selecting a Virtual Machine or Host and examining the details. Simply add a Virtual Center server address, credentials and a VPN if necessary and that’s it. So if you’re an IT administrator who doesn’t spend every waking moment in front of your PC, this is the tool for you.

Environment Configuration Note:
The Virtual Center server by default exposes port 443 for the web service. This port will need to be available to the iPhone/iPod Touch in order for the VManage application to be able to interact with it. This can be achieved via a VPN or exposing the port to the web.

Application Configuration Note:
The iPhone/iPod Touch settings application needs to be set as follows …

server: https:///sdk                 **required**
domain: AD Domain Name    **optional**
username: AD User                   **required**
password: AD password          **required**

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