Google releases Chrome 3


Google has released its third major revision of Chrome. The updated browser boasts a 150% (25% over its most recent stable release) increase in javascript performance since the launch of version 1. Other new features include a redesigned “new tab” page, an improved omnibox, themes capability, and HTML5 features.

Since Google has released Chrome it has taken a 2.8% market share. It is expected that the market share will continue to grow as more people become aware of the browser. Also, Google has been marketing its browser heavily to users who also use other Google products such as Gmail or Google search.
The browser marketplace is packed with heavy hitters from Microsoft, Apple, and Google. All of which are backed by massive corporations with seemingly unlimited resources. Other well known browsers that also provide serious competition to Chrome are Firefox and Opera.
The competition in the browser market place keeps all the competitors on their toes as they try to gain or maintain their current market share. With Google releasing an updated browser you can be sure that their competitors are watching closely.

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