OpsMgr by Example: Server 2008 POC – Part 3 (Root Management Server)

This is the third of a five part series discussing lessons learned through installing System Center Operations Manager onto a fully Windows 2008 environment (DC, RMS, SQL, and Reporting servers). In this post, we will install and configure the Operations Manager Root Management Server (RMS), as we now have a functional Windows 2008 SQL Server (see Part 2 of this series at http://weblog.bassq.nl/?p=236 ).

Hotfixes for OpsMgr 20007 – Windows 2008 Servers with Agents

Each of the servers in this configuration needed to have three hotfixes applied to them:

After applying these hotfixes, you will need to reboot the system.

Additional hotfixes are required that are specific to the servers with installed OpsMgr components. These include:

OpsMgr Prerequisites

There are several prerequisites for installation of the Root Management Server (plus the console and the web console).

  • With Windows 2008, we need to add the Web Server role (including ASP.net, windows authentication, IIS 6.0 management compatibility and ASP). For background on this, we worked from the article on how to install and configure reporting services on Windows Server 2008 available at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb839480.aspx .
  • Using the Application Server role adds the .Net framework components.
  • We ended up installing the Windows PowerShell via a command line (ServerManagerCmd –i Powershell ).

OpsMgr RMS, Web Console, Console Install

Installing the Operations Manager’s RMS, Operations Console and Web Console components worked just the same as on a Windows 2003 platform. The only item to note is if the RMS cannot contact the OpsMgr database server, it will display this error:

Setup cannot locate the SC database

Check out the video showing the installation steps:

Firewall change

The RMS installation made the required changes for the Windows 2008 firewall. These included the following ports:

  • Health Service (5723)
  • SDK (5724)
  • Web Console (51908)Application Error Monitoring (51906)
  • Connector Framework (51905)
  • Customer Experience Improvement Program (51907)

Server Manager on RMS

Lessons Learned

  • Windows Server 2008 now installs as roles several of the prerequisite components required for OpsMgr.
  • The Windows 2008 firewall creates the appropriate firewall rules to allow OpsMgr to function on the system.

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